Tafftown FAQ

Tafftown FAQ

What is Tafftown?

Tafftown is a recurring drama / soap opera set in the fictional district of Tafftown, a culturally vibrant part of inner Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. It reflects the day to day lives and culture of the sort of people who live in such an area, so the predominant language spoken is English. There will inevitably be utterances in Welsh due to Tafftown’s location and the demographics of its inhabitants.

Who lives in Tafftown?

The programme includes characters from all the backgrounds and demographics you’d expect to find in an area like Tafftown. Blue and Alys are young actors, Austin is a newspaper reporter, Anna Griffiths is a Welsh Assembly Member, Milos is a hairdresser, Geraint is an odd-job man, Elin is a Welsh teacher, Alya is a refugee, Martin runs a struggling Wholefood Shop and Arwyn runs the bar at the Arts Centre. These are just a few of the characters that have to cope with the countless dramas of Tafftown.

What’s the Tafftown area like?

There’s a main shopping street called Cabbage Road, a large park, grand town-houses in tree-lined streets, small terraces, and purpose-built flats. There are a few corner shops and at the heart of the community, the focal point where everyone interacts, is the Arthur Arts Centre, named after Arthur Arthur, the great Welsh artist and dancer.

Arthur’s is affectionately known as Arty’s, (and sometimes not so affectionately as Arty-Farties), it has a cafe-bar, theatre space and an art gallery. Most of the action centres around the homes and lives of people living alongside the arts centre in a street called Taff Street..

What about the themes and storylines?

Tafftown is essentially about human beings and the challenges they have to face in their everyday lives, so expect to see secrets and lies, triumphs and tribulations, relationships blossoming and relationships dying – and everything in between. Some of what you can expect to see in the first episode is an unexpected (and unwelcome to some) arrival, a suspicious excursion by a shady resident, a man who steals from his wife, and hints of bigger dramas to come – and that’s just a start.

There is already so much happening in the first 3 short episodes of Tafftown, with 9 significant storylines and over 20 characters introduced, and all entangled in a network of relationships.

Where did the idea of Tafftown come from?

Tafftown is based on an original idea by writer Derec Jones who teamed up with writer and actor Dafydd Wyn Roberts to develop the programme. Derec has written in all forms, including novels, plays and television scripts, has published 10 books and had a few plays produced his most recent publication is Blodyn a collection of poetry. Dafydd is an actor and writer and has numerous credits to his name in productions in English and in Welsh, most recently as writer and actor in the BBC Wales radio drama production Our Evening with Gareth Bale.

Are there any opportunities for writers?

No, and we are unable to read any unsolicited material of any kind